Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine (EBVM) resources

Sketchy EBM: short videos covering evidence based medicine concepts. "Always draw your own conclusions"!


"The Three Most Dangerous Words in Medicine" by Dr Brennen McKenzie. A brief look at the dangers of relying on clinical experience over formal scientific research. 

Interesting essay on EBM: Evidence based medicine: a movement in crisis? (BMJ 2014)

Great summary blog on the issues around and misrepresentation of EBM which has bearing on development of EBVM.

Zoonoses and Public Health Special Issue on Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis in Animal Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine - great resource!

Centre for Evidence-based Medicine (University of Nottingham):


Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine Association (EBVMA):


RCVS Knowledge:

The RCVS also has a calendar of EBVM training courses and workshops from countries around the world.


This is a good overview blog post following the first ever EBVM conference in 2014 and this is well worth a read: The State of Science-Based and Alternative Veterinary Medicine Today.


Critically Appraised Topics available from Banfield Pet Hospital. Some are listed here, others can be accessed via the journal archive.

VetMed Resource from CABI: Veterinary information to support practice, based on evidence and continuing education

EBVM and Clinical Audit Toolkits (RCVS)

The RCVS has made an EBVM Tookit available. From the RCVS site: 


"The EBVM Toolkit is designed to help busy veterinary practitioners answer a clinical question with the best available evidence.


The Toolkit provides a guide to steps 1-3 of the 5 key steps to follow in EBVM:

  1. Asking an answerable clinical question
  2. Finding the best available evidence to answer the question
  3. Critically appraising the evidence for validity
  4. Applying the results to clinical practice
  5. Evaluating performance

Each tool is a standalone document but if you are new to EBVM you might want to work through them in sequence".


Find the RCVS EBVM Toolkit HERE.

EBVM Learning Tutorial


There is also a Clinical Audit Toolkit.


VetAllTrials is an emerging international consortium dedicated to the development of one or more veterinary clinical trial registries.


They are also involved in the development of policies and standards that support the open access publication of research outcomes and clinical trial data – worldwide.


Find out more and how to follow them HERE.

Critical thinking resources

John Ioannidis talking on "Reproducible Research: True or False?"

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