Canine/Feline (only/mostly)



Clinician's Brief and Clinical suite from Team Veterinary Brief from NAVC

WSAVA Guidelines including Nutrition, Pain, Dental, Vaccination, etc.

International Cat Care

Zero Pain Philosophy by Drs. Carl Bradbrook (BVSc CertVA MRCVS DECVAA) and Matthew Gurney (BVSc CertVA DECVAA MRCVS)

Veterinary Anesthesia and Analgesia Support Group

AAHA/AAFP Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats

Association of Veterinary Anaesthetists Patient Safety Checklists and General Anaesthesia Monitoring Charts

AAHA Oncology Guidelines for Dogs and Cats 2016

RECOVER CPR guidelines from ACVECC

Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) advice for vets

International Society for Companion Animal Infectious Diseases Guidelines

ACVIM Consensus Statement on Canine and Feline Donor Screening for Blood-borne Pathogens

There is some open access material available from the International Committee on Allergic Diseases of Animals

Cancer information from VSSO

SonoPath - includes various free resources including Case of the Month

Veterinary Radiology cases by Dr. Allison Zwingenberger (excellent resource!)

Dr. Pack's Online Radiology cases

Small Animal Neurology from NeuroPetVet

Cardiology webinars and other e-learning resources from Ceva

Small Animal Cardiology from Penn Veterinary Medicine

Banfield Pet Hospital Veterinary Resources

Free courses from VetMedTeam

Vets Now ECC Congress downloads

Bella Moss Foundation (focus on practice infection control)


Boehringer Academy

Free webinars from Bayer Animal Health (intended for UK/Ireland users)

Vets4Pets Partnership webinars

Free webinars from CPD Solutions




The SkeptVet blog
Veterinary ECC Small Talk (Shailen Jasani's blog)

Insights into Veterinary Endocrinology (Dr Mark E Peterson blog)

VetBloom Blog

Veterinary Key Points (Dr Stephen J. Birchard's blog)


MEDIA platforms


RVC/Shailen Jasani Small Animal Clinical Podcasts (audio)

Veterinary ECC Small Talk Podcast

Open access recordings of webinars for ECC Residents

On the Floor @Dove videos (occasionally featuring other species!)


Virtual Ventilator from OPENPediatrics [human medicine resource]


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